The Wizard of Oz (Youth Performance Edition) Cast!

We had 91 talented performers audition and now we’re excited to announce the cast of our next play! The Wizard of Oz (Youth Performance Edition):

Dorothy – Kelsey Hairston
Toto – Hadley Babb
Wizard of Oz/Professor Marvel – Jacob Hart
Lion/Zeke – J. Shipman
Scarecrow/Hunk – Drew Hairston
Tin Man/Hickory – Mason Smith
Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch – Merrin Meyer
Glinda – Genevieve Moore
Aunt Em – Mary Rose Wolf
Uncle Henry – James Pannell
Mayor – Jameson Williams
Coroner – Pierce Hayden
Tots – Kylee Gosnell, Rosie Shotwell, Adalyn Herrington
Tough Kids – J Perry, Ethan Peterson, Bradley Sigrest
Munchkins – Lilly Luckett, Daleigh Ramsey, Eli Ramsey, Stella Porter, Maddie Macoy, Mattie Hill, Emelia Doty, Ava Lunsford, Milliegh Grace Kloysuntia, Anna Laurie Gray
Jitterbugs – Kassie Shotwell, Emily Grace McCoy, Ramsey Sullender, Mykayla Balfour, Camille Jordan
Crows– Sydni Goldman, Tykala Barnes
Apple Trees – Georgia Conrad, Mary Robinson Coco
Doorman – Ivy Graham
Oz Woman – Avery Demuth
Guard – Sawyer Smith
Nikko, leader of the Winged Monkeys – Brooke Hairston
Winged Monkeys – Jude Hayden, Trace Hairston, Simon Smith, Eli Ramsey, Milliegh Grace Kloysuntia
Winkie Leader – Nathan Dowling
Winkie Guards – Tykala Barnes, Sydni Goldman, Nathan Lee, Brady Sigrest, Ella Lunsford
Oz People – Olivia Sirmon, Annie Porter, Hannah Alley, Lora Beth Pannell, Lexi Sibley, Darryana Warren, Laylah Smith





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