Arsenic and old lace

Congratulations to the cast of Arsenic and Old Lace

Abby Brewster Sue Rost
Martha Brewster Sissy Ingram
Mortimer Brewster Dustin Barron
Elaine Harper Abbey Goldman
Jonathan Brewster Kris Vick
Dr. Einstein Leon Phillips
Teddy Brewster Robbie Looney
Officer O’Hara Robert Steiskal
Lt. Rooney Dwight Turner
Officer Brophy Hilton Smith
Officer Klein Chris Steiskal
Mr. Witherspoon Dan McDade
Mr. Gibbs Bob Anderson
Rev Harper Jonathan Dixon
Director Marianne Hause
Producer Sue Kuykendall
Stage Manager Christi Doucet
Light/sound Tanya Steiskal
Set Construction David Black
Set Design Brenda Black