A Night of One Acts 2017

In a Blinky

by Marianne Hause

A small town is devastated and young love is interrupted by a major world event in the early 1940s.


  • 2 teenage/young adult females
  • 1 adult female
  • 2 teenage/young adult males
  • 1 adult male



by Brenda Black

Two friends, Suzu and Livy, take their friend MaryBeth on a birthday get-away to try and cheer her up.  Will Becky’s wisdom from the sea be able to lift her spirits?


  • Becky – 70-80s
  • MaryBeth – 50-60s
  • Suzu – 50-60s
  • Livy – 50-60s


“Growing Up on South College”

by Audrey Reed

A young family of four moves into a tiny house on South College. As they settle in to the house they meet their kind, elderly neighbors, the Walkers. The grown daughters, Grace and Hannah, narrate their favorite moments in the little white house at the intersection of South College and Sarah. Humorous tales of a stay at home mom, two rambunctious daughters, and “chocolate milk” with the neighbors are just part of the heart-warming moments you’ll experience with this one act.


  • Mom “Emily” – Early to mid-thirties.
  • Dad “Matt” – Mid-thirties.
  • Hannah – Late teens to early twenties. Co-narrator of the story.
  • Grace – Late teens to early twenties. Co-narrator of the story.
  • Little Hannah – Under fourteen. Mischievous and inquisitive.
  • Little Grace – Under twelve. Dramatic and gullible.
  • Mr. Harding Walker – Late forties to early sixties.
  • Mrs. Melba Walker – Late forties to early sixties. Soft spoken.
  • Woman – Mid to late Twenties.
  • Man – Mid to late Twenties.


“Lullaby Killers”

by Keni Bounds

Ed And Joan Loving are the proud owners of  Loving Bed and Breakfast.  After seeing on Social Media that  a married couple dubbed the Lullaby Killers have recently killed guests at neighboring town Bed and Breakfast Coconut Hills…imaginations begin to run wild that the killers next stop will be Loving B&B.


  • Ed- husband of Joan, owner of Bed and Breakfast (male, 30+)
  • Joan- wife of Ed, owner of Bed and Breakfast (female, 30+)
  • Hattie- Best friend of Joan  (female 30+)
  • Spencer-  Wealthy snob. Married to Evaline (20+)
  • Evaline :  Wealthy snob. Married to Spencer (20+)
  • Nathan – newly wed married to Juliet (20+)
  • Juliet- newly wed married to Nathan (20+)