Aaron Dessner, Taylor Swift's co-writer, remembers how she "cooked everyone breakfast and dinner" at her house.

After seven country and pop records, Taylor Swift moved into a folkier sound in 2020 with the help of Aaron Dessner

With Folklore and Evermore, Swift found an interesting producer and musical partner in Dessner, 47.

Together, they expanded Swift's sound and lyrical world, which earned her praise from critics and helped her make a lot of money. 

Now, because Swift, 33, is on the cover of PEOPLE's 2023 Most Intriguing People of the Year issue

Dessner talks in depth about their friendship, their plans for the future, and Swift's love of food.

I believe Taylor is one of the best song writers ever. Her lyrics are often poetic and literary

and many of her songs have complex plots and secret meanings that connect to her past or future work.

Her fans call these "easter eggs," and they help to create a whole artistic world that we all get to live in and obsess over as her fans. 

I love how this makes me feel like I fit in Taylor's music, where themes like happiness, overcoming hardship, breaking down patriarchal structures, and celebrating diversity are so common.

 She is truly brilliant and, luckily, also a truly wonderful person.I could tell a lot of stories. 


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