Is Loki getting a third season? Producer Gives News

Kevin Wright, Loki's director, told MCU fans if Tom Hiddleston's hit Disney+ show could move on to Season 3.

Disney started making MCU shows for Disney+ with the goal of focusing on short-term shows with only one or two seasons.

 Now, this plan has been changed to make more "multiseason serialized TV" shows that will "run several seasons."

Loki was only supposed to have two seasons at first, but Wright still thinks that there could be a third. He even told fans that he "would love to keep telling stories with this team" if he had the chance.

Kevin Wright, the producer of Loki, talked to TVLine about the chance of the show moving on to Season 3 after Season 2 ends in November 2023.

He doesn't "want to rush into a Season 3" if the story isn't good, but he sees a chance to keep the tales going, whether it's in a third season of Loki or a spin-off like Better Call Saul from Breaking Bad.

"I've loved working with this team for two years... In this world, I'd love to keep telling those stories to them. 

We would never want to rush into Season 3 if there isn't a good story to tell. But I think this group could tell other stories.

It might not be Season 3 of "Loki." The TVA might be able to keep doing something that's like our "Better Call Saul" to "Loki's" "Breaking Bad." I think that would be cool.


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