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Disney’s Alice in Wonderland JR

Book adapted and additional lyrics by  David Simpatico
Music Adapted and Arranged and Additional Music and Lyrics by  Bryan Louiselle
Based on the 1951 Disney film
Directed by Leigh Ramsey

Auditions will be held Monday, July 27th and Tuesday, July 28th at 6:00pm in the Black Rose Theatre Company building. Children entering K5 up to high school seniors may audition.

Lewis Carroll’s famous inquisitive heroine comes to life in Disney’s Alice In Wonderland JR., a delightful adaptation of the classic Disney film. Join Alice as she chases the White Rabbit, races the Dodo Bird, gets tied up with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, raps with a bubble-blowing Caterpillar, and beats the Queen of Hearts at her own game! Roles are plentiful, including three Cheshire Cats and dozens of other wonderfully wacky characters, providing plentiful opportunities to showcase students of all different musical skill levels. Includes a chorus of kids playing in the park, rock lobsters, talking fish, royal cardsmen, unbirthday partiers, as well as a group of mean-girl flowers.

Auditions will be a cold read from the script. For the musical portion of our auditions, we prefer, but do not require those hoping to get solos to have a 60-90 second song ready to perform. We will not have any accompaniment available for this. Performers may provide their own accompaniment, bring a CD, or sing a capella. Those who do not have a piece prepared, but want to be considered for a solo, will be put in groups of 3 and sing a section of music chosen by the music director.We are planning some exciting things for this musical! We need dancers and drummers. If you are experienced in any genre of dance (ballet, tap, hip hop, break dancing, gymnastics, etc…) please come prepared to show off your dance skills with our choreographer. Drummers, please be sure you let us know about your level of experience on the audition form that will be provided when you arrive at auditions.
Please bring your calendar to auditions so you will be able to indicate availability for rehearsals.Production dates are Sept. 17-20 and Sept. 24-27

Cast of characters and breakdown:

The Cheshire Cat-played by three separate actors. The Cheshire Cat serves as the Narrator for the story. Vocal Range C4-E5

The White Rabbit-The White Rabbit is an energetic, worrisome character that hardly ever stops moving. The White Rabbit has a solo. Vocal Range C5 – E6

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee-a pair of goofballs similar to old comedy teams like Abbott & Costello or Laurel & Hardy. They perform a duet. Vocal Range C5 – E6

Mathilda-Mathilda is Alice’s older sister.

The Flowers-The Flowers (Rose, Petunia, Lily, Violet, Daisy) are the snooty, mean girls who think they are the most important people in the whole world. Vocal Range B3 – C6

The Caterpillar-The Caterpillar is one cool character. He or she provides the heart for the story and really convinces Alice to be herself. The Caterpillar has a solo. Vocal Range A3 – C5

The Mad Hatter-The Mad Hatter is the life of the tea party. He has an over-the-top personality. He has a solo. Vocal Range B5 – B6

The March Hare-The March Hare is the counterpart to the Mad Hatter and also enjoys a good party. A little less crazy than the Mad Hatter, the March Hare is a happy fun character who enjoys playing. The March Hare has solo parts in one song. Vocal Range B5 – B6

The Queen of Hearts-The Queen of Hearts is the big mean bully of the story with a full resonant voice. The Queen of Hearts has a commanding presence and is a little scary, but funny at the same time. The Queen of Hearts has a solo. Vocal Range C4-C5

The King of Hearts-The King of Hearts is the often forgotten ruler of Wonderland. He is in the shadow of the Queen.

The Doorknob-The Doorknob is a very funny role. The character is based somewhat on Jimmy Durante.

The Dodo Bird- The Dodo Bird is the Captain of the Queen’s Navy. He or she is in command of the lobsters and other animals and is another of Wonderland’s vibrant characters. Vocal Range C5 – D6

The Chorus- (Kids Playing in the Park, Rock Lobsters, Talking Fish, Royal Cardsmen, Unbirthday Partiers, etc.) Different chorus members are featured in all of the production numbers. They are vital to the production to set the mood and bring energy to the play. Talented singers, dancers and drummers are needed for the chorus. Vocal Range F3 – E5

Alice, Small Alice and Tall Alice-Alice, Small Alice and Tall Alice are differently sized versions of the same character. She is a spunky girl who enjoys adventures and is on a journey of self-discovery. Alice and Small Alice have solos. Vocal Range B3 – E6

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Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, JR

Auditions are July 27 and July 28.  Please see the audition link to the right.

Production Dates: September 17-20 & 24-27, 2015

Directed by Leigh Ramsey


Black Rose Theatre is located at 103 Black Street. Brandon, MS 39042
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